Backup and DR

Why Choose Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing

The primary goal of disaster recovery is to minimize the overall impact of a disaster on business performance. Disaster recovery in cloud computing can do just that. In case of disaster, critical workloads can be failed over to a DR site in order to resume business operations. As soon as your production data center gets restored, you can failback from the cloud and restore your infrastructure and its components to their original state. As a result, business downtime is reduced and service disruption is minimized.


Due to its cost-efficiency, scalability, and reliability, disaster recovery in cloud computing has become the most lucrative option for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Generally, SMBs don’t have a sufficient budget or resources to build and maintain their own DR site. Cloud providers offer you access to cloud storage, which can become a cost-effective and long-lasting solution to data protection as well as disaster recovery.

Backup is a traditional model that I think most people are familiar with. It’s when you have a tape drive or attached storage in your server room and you’re performing a backup on a weekly or maybe a full plus schedule. So you’re getting an archive of your data, with all these retention points, so you have daily, monthly, weekly, maybe yearly copies of your data.
They can be one and the same. It goes back to how you traditionally think about things. Smaller businesses will have backups on a regular basis, you know, at 11:00 at night when their users aren’t accessing files.

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