Expand your inspiration and service of your business across the whole world. Build a value proposition towards enlarging your service across the world through data center hubs.

• Flexibility to select to set up any software or applications
• Scalability.
• Hubs across worldwide
• Higher bandwidth
• avoid redundancy
• 24* 7 technical support

Collocation services offer organizations the benefit of scalability that they wouldn’t get in their centers. The capability to enhance or reduce your hardware and software abilities rapidly and without accumulating extra costs fosters frequent business development and security.

Hubs across worldwide
Collocation services of Laya Tech help you to set up a cost-efficient and consistent network presence in new markets. Our services are based in interconnected hubs, enabling you to frequently connect to existing and new networks and partners.

Higher bandwidth
As a top collocation hosting provider, Laya Tech takes the responsibility to provide the power, IP addresses, and bandwidth for the networks and servers to run so that organizations can use higher bandwidth at a much lower cost.

24* 7 technical support
We ensure utmost uptime with all types of monitoring and maintenance. We offer technical support services to solve your issues on call.