Physical Security

Physical security is the process of protecting hardware, software, personnel, networks, and any data loss that could create heavy damage or loss to an agency or enterprise. This also covers protection from natural disasters like floods, fire, vandalism, theft, terrorism, and burglary.

Physical Security Controls Your Business Needs

Perimeter Security
In case you are covering vital infrastructure or storing important information, you have to strengthen your physical perimeter. It means you have to put some restrictions on the ways an individual can enter your site.

A Secure Server Room
Also, you should guard the server rooms strictly in which your backups are there. Give protection to the physical hardware as you would manage digital access to important information. That means limited people can enter the server room and can access the server room.

Device Management
For cybersecurity, device and endpoint management must be a baseline- yet several enterprises still ignore it. It is very much required to avail an endpoint management solution that allows you to look into smartphones, laptops, and tablets within your enterprise.