Data Shaping

Data shaping is regarding frequently collating, organizing, and structuring your data so it is ready for analysis and make the decision. To be unique in your industry, your information requires serious attention. Every single year, month, and day we gather data, but if you are not working on it, you can’t get values from it.

Data Classification
Data classification is a procedure to identify, protect, and handle the data securely. It helps an organization to protect against different vulnerabilities from dangerous threats. It is implemented as an important part of layered security methodology and unlocks the complete potential of its data to drive productivity and innovation.

Load balancer
Load balancing in the server needs a frequent update on DNS records to transmit inbound sessions to the accurate network interface. DNS module offers a single ISP load balancer module with the capability to balance traffic that exists between a couple of internal server resources and/or WAN links, thus accelerate remote client access, and improve server redundancy in case of server failure.