Protect your data against Security Breaches, Anytime, Anywhere

We create Cybersecurity tailored suite of services to your business needs and offer scalable and flexible solutions against data theft, security breaches, and system failure caused by malware and other sophisticated cyberattacks which can impact business critical & systems, and cater industry-relevant threat intelligence & SIEM and SOC services thereby enabling you to experience next-generation cybersecurity services to secure your business and feel empowered.

Leveraging our experience, we always work towards to ensure our clients are achieving cyber resilience and remember You Are Not Vulnerable !!!

MK Balaji

Founder & CEO


Passwordless Solution

Passwordless solutions offer an integrated user experience while providing powerful protection against cyber-threats.

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Secure your accounts from all kinds of credential theft and fraud with our MFA services.

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Email Security

Laya Tech Email security services offer critical defenses against all inbound as well as outbound email-borne vulnerabilities.

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Data Classification and DLP

Our data classification and DIP service help you to discover, classify, as well as protect your most sensitive data.

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Cyber AI

By transforming cyber security solutions with the help of AI and ML, we are experts to manage security services.

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Data Encryption

Our data encryption solution employs data encryption algorithms to guard sensitive data across an organization.

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It’s a single and ultimate platform to manage as well as secure endpoints. It signifies the trend of employees utilizing personal devices

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Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is utilized to safeguard sensitive data as well as workflows linked with individual devices.

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Our SOC (security operation center) and the network operations center (NOC) complement each other fully.

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Who We Are

Since the last 7 years, Our Clients have Trusted our service to keep their IT Infrastructure Optimized and running without glitches








Advisory Board Members

Professional Services

Digital Consulting

Our consultation service involves focused collaborative discussion on the client’s most critical issues as well as opportunities. Also, we propose enhancement solutions and make strategies to handle the situation.

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Laya Tech migration service helps you to migrate the database from the existing environment rapidly and securely and during operation, your source database remains completely operational.

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Audit of Laya Tech fuels development by demonstrating how things are progressing and then find out ideal solutions of how they can be made better.  We help you to showcase your improved version day by day.

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Ongoing support

We offer a wide range of On-going Support as well as Facilitation services to strengthen your strategy, customer experience, Innovation, Marketing, and Service Design. One component that makes us unique is our capability to go beyond traditional strategic services.

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Implementation services are based on a comprehensive, structured, approach starting from design to testing. Speed up your timeline and maximize your value with Laya Tech. We provide an established strategy to deliver your desired business solutions.

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IT Facility Management

Laya Tech IT facility management services comprise a complete, integrated suite of services to handle distributed computing environment of clients as a single entity. You can get all IT facility management services at a single point.

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