Build the base for secure enterprise mobility

Mobile device management is security software that helps IT sectors to apply protocols that monitor, secure, and handle mobile devices of end-users. Not only it incorporates smartphones, but also it extends to laptops, tablets, and even IoT devices.

MDM takes care of the corporate network’s security while permits end users to utilize their devices and perform their work more effectively.

How Mobile Device Management Works

In a data center, MDM needs two components:
• Server component, where IT admins organize and send rules through a management console.
• Client component that receives and applies the commands on user mobile devices.

Gradually, over time Mobile Device Management is evolving. Initially, scalability was a serious problem, but central remote management has eradicated old steps like client-started updates and SIM cards. In this era, MDM software is able to find out new devices automatically linked to the corporate network and implement over-the-air settings/commands for modernized policy execution.

Mobile Device Management Solutions
Normally, MDM is carried out with a third-party product. Normal functionalities include:

• Device inventory/tracking
• Application allow/deny
• Mobile support/management
• Remote service management
• Alerts for users, who are trying to bypass limitations with jailbreaking
• Passcode enforcement