Backup and DR

Backup based on cloud and certain disaster recovery (DR) solutions can support both cloud-based production and on-premises environments. You may decide to store back up or replicated information present in the cloud while maintaining your production surroundings in your data center.

What is the use of Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing
The prime objective of disaster recovery is to limit the impact of the disaster on the performance of a business. In cloud computing, disaster recovery can perform just that. In any disaster case, important workloads can’t be succeeded over to a Disaster Recovery suite to resume the operations of a business. As early as your production data gets restored, you can get back from the cloud and also restore your original state as well as its important elements. As a result, downtime of business is limited as well as service disruption is reduced.

Because of its reliability, scalability, and cost-efficiency, disaster recovery (DR) has become the most profitable option in cloud computing for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Normally, SMBs don’t have that much enough resources or budget to build and handle their DR suite. As a leading cloud provider, Laya Tech offers you complete access to cloud storage, which is a cost-efficient and long-lasting solution to protect data and disaster recovery.