Layatech’s WAP (wireless access point) services provide total coverage, effortless management, and safe wireless network, where a WAP links wireless capable devices as well as wired networks by utilizing Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to ensure better coverage, flawless wi-fi experience, performance, etc.

Outdoor Wireless
Outdoor Access Points (OAP) give super-fast, flexible, reliable, and scalable wireless connectivity. It can offer powerful Wi-Fi to a campus courtyard, resort pool, or other outdoor places with high range and superb performance.

Indoor Wireless
Certain businesses like farms normally miss out on high-speed inter connectivity solutions because of their location. No prior-existing cabling is present, which means cabling would require to be presented over a long period. For network establishment, not only requires great effort but also needs great expense. With the help of recent technology, establishing indoor wireless networks in rural landscapes is very much more cost-efficient than ever.

The P2P (point-to-point) wireless technology is one of the simplest and most effective network architectures you can establish to link two different locations by using a wireless radio link. P2P wireless connections can be launched from a short-range link connecting two areas just some hundred meters away to a long-range P2P wireless connection that links two areas tens of miles apart from each other.