Important functions to protect a networked environment

While you are concern about your security and decide to measure its effectiveness, you will build metrics that will help to get results. A vulnerability assessment (VA) test or a penetration (pen) test can help you to examine the performance of your system.

Penetration Test
A penetration test called pen test is a replicated attack on your system, which is designed to test the system’s security. A professional expert team will do different attacks against your system to check its vulnerabilities and strengths. They can conduct any number of pen test tools to completely test the system security. Basically it:
1. Finds out the threats and vulnerabilities
2. Checks the identification capabilities and the reaction
3. Gives a measurement of nonstop advancement

Vulnerability Assessment
A vulnerability assessment (VA) test is tailored to classify and quantify vulnerabilities and security risks within an organization. It is a process that is not only found out the vulnerabilities but also gives possible security solutions to mitigate the risks.

A VA test is performed by using an automation tool that scans your systems periodically for any weak points. Every tool can be programmed to scan or search components of your choice present within the system.

Behind every process, the main difference is noticeable. A pen test is performed to know the mentality of a hacker who wants to get access to the system while a VA test is performed as a technical or analytical report.

Laya Tech performs both tests for you to safeguard against hackers and bugs. In which way and how frequently we perform the test depends on the requirements of your business. Reach out to us today for consultation on the VA test or pen test.