Email & Collaboration

Collaborative Email can be defined as an inbox to which many individuals have access. Team members can access this email and work on it. This is a much more practical strategy than owning larger teams working from their email accounts.

Conquer your inbox as a team
The Front is designed to work collectively. If you want to chat with your teammates, you can @mention them and message them directly. Without forwarding or cc’ing, you can share messages and you can utilize assignments instantly. Also, you can send better replies by editing email drafts and by sharing in real-time. We can say that with Front, your whole team will be able to conquer your inbox.

Work faster with tools for efficiency
The Front consists of different tools to help you to do your work efficiently. You can make messages snooze if you don’t want to look at them. Also, you can set reminders on messages, so that you never forget to follow up. Here you can take the help of automated protocols to let your inbox do the repetitive things for you.