Protect your business where it lives

“Cloud” is becoming a crucial part of daily life for both people as well as firms. They all use cloud computing services to save money, time, and obstacles that would otherwise be used up to manage on-premises computing solutions.

While the cloud helps many organizations to improvise their access to important software applications, computing services, and platforms, it has also added new challenges to maintain powerful cybersecurity.

What is Cloud Security?
Cloud security is a one-stop solution for the security controls, practices, and technologies that are utilized to provide protection to cloud computing environments. All these controls can be categorized into three different categories:

• Preventative Controls: These cloud security solutions want to reduce disclosure and stop potential security gaps present in the cloud infrastructure. For instance: encryption solutions, firewalls, and safe application use policies.

• Detection Controls: These solutions work to find out attacks in progress or currently finished attacks so that manual or automated remediation can start. Things such as anti-virus/anti-malware scanning tools, security information, and event management (SIEM) solutions, and even handled network security monitoring are considered as examples of detection controls.

• Corrective Controls. These are meant to improve the negative effects or damage of an attack after it occurs. Things like virus/malware removal tools, remote data backups, and supervised security incident response services could work as corrective controls.

Why is Cloud Security Important?
Cloud security is important because for the same cause that the internal network security of your organization is important. Your organizational integrity, prestige, and ability to work productively all are at risk.

However, most people undervalue the significance of cloud security solutions. But we have to understand the fact that for any occurrence of data breaches, the user of the cloud security solution is responsible.

Even with the best cloud security solutions in place to detect, prevent, and remediate breaches, if the user doesn’t organize the cloud security methodology, there is not much the Cloud security solution can do to limit a breach.

According to features, cloud security solutions have their pricing. When you are selecting a cloud security solution, first figure out your actual requirements and then select the one that is suitable for you. Ensure that the cloud security solution you select delivers adequate monitoring and support.