A comprehensive network protection service

A Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a tiered third party IT team, can be called the backbone of a firm’s technological infrastructure that provides inclusive network protection solutions. It offers data protection services for network performance, protects downtime, and manages uninterrupted services.

A dedicated NOC team can help you with proactive workflows like system monitoring, adherence, and patching to determine complete maintenance routines to assure outstanding performance and system reliability of your organization’s technology platform.

While NOC can be equipped to manage minor network problems like password resets, more difficult problems like cyber breaches and disaster recovery can be handled by them also. Without the involvement of the end-user, NOC solves all network problems.

How does it work?
Normally, NOCs work in a tiered fashion. Because of the tiered structure, the tasks can be routed accurately and rapidly. At first, tasks are examined by the Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) solution team of NOC. The NOC team can find out tasks like administrator privileges by monitoring different cybersecurity software that required to be granted or any malware risks that required to be examined.

Once tasks are examined, a ticket is generated and assigns to the right individual best fit for it.
Since NOC operates the tasks in a tiered fashion, maybe this means that the first tier handles minor tasks like password resets while the third-tier handles the most complicated issues like ransomware attacks.
Maximum NOCs can solve most of the issues by either utilizing some security software or by accessing the end user’s system.

Major Functions of NOC:
• Administer, Monitor & Manage IT Infrastructure
• Quick Response With Minimum Downtime
• SLAs for Response
• Troubleshooting, System Monitoring and Remediation
• Proactive Maintenance
• Data Analysis & Reporting
• Focused on System Health and Performance
• Operations-Based, Ticket and Alert-Driven process