Passwordless Authentication Solution

Bring your enterprise into the future with Laya Tech’s passwordless authentication service. New and innovative standards such as Fast Identity Online (FIDO2) and Web Authentication API (WebAuthN) are helping passwordless authentication service across different platforms.

What Is Passwordless Authentication?
It is a strategy to verify identities of users without using passwords or any other kinds of memorized secret. Without using passwords, the identity of a person can be verified depending upon a “possession factor” or an “inherent factor”. These factors are used to identify the user in a unique way. Possession factor includes registered mobile device, one-time password generator, or a hardware token whereas inherent factors include biometric signature of a person like fingerprint, retina, face, etc.

Authentication process depends on something that user knows like passphrase, password, or PIN code, which are at high risk to theft easily and it needs continuous management as well as handling by both IT managers and users.

What are the advantages of Passwordless Authentication?
• User Experience (UX): Passwordless authentication solution means there is no requirement of user memorized secrets, reorganize the authentication process.

• Better Security: Passwords are a critical vulnerability since users reuse their passwords and they can share them with others. Passwords are considered as the major attack vector and are main reason behind 80% of breaches. Also, it leads to attacks like corporate account takeover (CATO), credential stuffing, brute force attacks, and Password Spraying.

• Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction: Passwords are very costly, and they need continuous handling from IT professionals, eliminating passwords will decrease support tickets to deal with actual issues.

• IT Gains Control as well as Visibility: Reusing, phishing, and sharing are normal problems when depending on passwords. With the help of passwordless authentication solutions, IT can have total visibility over identity.