A comprehensive view of a company’s information security

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) can be defined as a software solution that analyzes and collects various activities from several resources across your complete IT infrastructure.

SIEM gathers security information from servers, network devices, domain controllers, etc. SIEM collects, normalizes, and performs analysis of that information to find out trends, threats, and help organizations to do investigation and alerts.

How Does SIEM work?

SIEM offers two important capabilities:
• Provide report and forensics regarding security activities
• Alerts according to the analytics that meets a certain regulation set, showing an issue of security

If we go into the detail, SIEM is basically a data assimilator, investigation, and reporting system. It collects huge amounts of information from your whole network, combines, and crafts that information human accessible.

Features and functionality of SIEM:
• Normal security monitoring
• Forensics & incident response
• Log collection
• Advanced threat detection
• Normalization
• Security incident detection
• Notifications and alerts
• Threat response workflow

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