A modern identity management system

Privileged user management (PUM) is the user accounts management on major applications and devices. In the identity and access management (IAM) sector, it is a vital category.

If we compare privileged users and general users, then privileged users have access to major parts of IT resources than the general users. That’s why this category is concentrated on strongly controlling access to the team of major IT resources. This PUM provides access to routers, switches, databases, and other important servers.
Limitations of the PUM

The difficulty with traditional PUM solutions was that the solutions couldn’t go through the protocols easily and help different categories of applications and devices. Over these major assets, core user directories didn’t have sufficient visibility and control, nor was there enough support for various infrastructures.

Unluckily for IT administrations, the end result has two solutions. Generally, the privileged management solutions stay discretely from the user directory, unproductive and unintegrated.

A combined Approach to PUM
Laya Tech is aiming to create an entire directory service that unites the user directory with controlled privileged accounts. Our core cloud-based directory is the main user place for all users. That directory can be united to any IT infrastructure applications and devices virtually through different protocols. Finally, privileged users on major servers and infrastructures can be controlled centrally. There is no requirement of two solutions to solve one issue!

Privileged User Management Made Effortlessly
PUM is a major portion of any enterprise’s access control method. Acquiring knowledge regarding who has accessed to the most critical resources in your company is key, and for security, it is very much needed.