Laya Tech offers smart switches as well as managed switches which are used to connect important services, servers, end-users, and storage across core, access layer, and distribution. Our managed switches link the recent advances that happened in hardware as well as software engineering for lower complexity, higher flexibility, and better investment protection.

LAN Access
In Local Area Networks, a switch can be utilized for end-user access normally focuses lesser bandwidth as well as links into an elevated bandwidth. There are various types of switches as well as networks. Switches that offer a different connection for every node in an organization’s internal network are regarded as LAN switches. A LAN switch builds a set of instant networks that have just two devices communicating with one another at a specific time.

Campus Network
A campus area network, a campus network, CAN (corporate area network) is a computer network that consists of interconnections of LANs within a particular geographical area. The covered range of CAN is from 1km to 5 km. Generally, CAN is used for corporate campuses so that the data connection can be established at a higher speed.

In this era, the data center is evolving as a novel class of switch since infrastructures of data center networking are becoming more dis-aggregated. Unlike the traditional three-tier hierarchical networks, data center switches can be designed to support data as well as storage for important applications.