Stay one step ahead of Email threats

Emails are considered an inherent part of any organization’s business process, whether to communicate with prospects, customers, or employees. It is a professional approach to represent your brand’s services or products, gives notifications to your customers regarding deals and offers. Also, it might contain sensitive data such as bank details, trade discussions, and many more. Because of its immense significance, now emails are becoming the first target of cyber crooks to access the private information of your organization through spam and phishing attacks.

Protect against complex email threats
Email is the first platform used to start an advanced attack. Laya Tech’s advanced email protection solutions can identify threats that other solutions fail to spot since the detection engines find out apprehensive email traffic to find out attacks that avoid conventional signature- and policy-based defenses.

Adapt the email threat landscape
Laya Tech Email Security is the initial safe & secure email gateway to scrutinize and block new methods learned from cutting-edge analysis and adversary observations. Continuously it adopts fortifications using machine intelligence and deep adversarial to find out risks quickly, reduce false positives, block phishing activities, and track attack attempts.

Secure your Email against anonymous Threats
Laya Tech Email Security Solutions identifies and blocks every unnecessary email, particularly targeted complex attacks, and enhances your privacy & security.