Remote Support

Laya Tech cloud provides supports to technicians to provide security to remote control of systems over the internet. This software offers extraordinary reliability, performance, and scalability through a particular solution that is fit for remote support.

Next-generation remote control
Make a proper list of users who are logged on to computers that exist in your network as well as remotely control users. Even you can select to silently shadow some users present in your network. With the growing endpoint users in an organization, there is a continuous increment in the troubleshooting requests and so is the requirement for remote desktop software. We not only help you to control your desktops remotely but also help you to limit your troubleshooting time significantly.

Resolve issues at a fast speed
In every firm, IT support is in huge demand. The IT technicians can access the systems in any time zone and location. This is where the remote support comes into the picture. Laya Tech comes with a complete web-based remote support service tool that helps authorized technicians to frequently diagnose, access, and troubleshoot the systems that are located at any place, anytime.