Why is Cyber Security everyone’s responsibility ?

From Blue Whale to Momo, REvil to Sodinokibi, Cyber-attacks are all over the news these days. All of us have seen the news about Cybersecurity issues happening around us. We have seen multiple instances of online threats like above mentioned that migh5t lead to situations of self-harm and the threat is not pertaining to a […]

Secure Your IoT Services

Internet Of Things (IoT) is a vision where every single element that exists in the world has the potential to connect to the internet. It is the most vital to digital transformation and drives immense economic opportunities for various industries. It enables superb innovations that reach almost all sectors starting from childcare, eldercare, transportation, education, […]

Passwordless Solutions: Secure Your Digital Identity

In this era of technology, dealing with digital identities is becoming more complex and tedious. An average person utilizes about 100 combinations of usernames and passwords. However, when several security teams advise business users to create complex, individual, and strong passwords, most of them fail to do so. As a result, the passwords are either […]

All About SOC – Security Operation Centre

Security Operation Center (SOC) is defined as a facility comprising of a team of information security who monitor as well as analyze the security posture of a firm continuously. The prime objective of the SOC team is to identify, analyze, and address cybersecurity issues utilizing a set of technology solutions and a solid combination of […]